Our family history in Australia began when Roger’s great-great-grandfather Frederick Flower a schoolmaster from Nottingham UK arrived in NSW on 13th December 1850. He died at the early age of 37 leaving behind his young wife Annie, and four children. Annie later remarried a young bachelor William Cochrane, a farmer who had immigrated from Northern Ireland. This marked the beginning of the Flower family’s involvement in farming in Australia.

In 1879 Roger’s great-grandfather Frederick Gregg Flower took up a selection in the Bega Valley. Following the Federation Drought of 1895-1902 Frederick his Irish wife Mary their two daughters and five sons made the long journey to the greener pastures of the far north coast. Frederick and his sons took their prized Jersey herd with them by train from Nimmitabel to Tenterfield and then walked the cattle down the range to their new home in Bangalow a distance of 120 miles. His wife, daughters and younger children made the voyage by boat to Ballina.

Roger’s grandfather Frederick Harold his English wife Jessie and five children moved to Kyogle in 1926. His father Geoff Flower and mother Joyce and three children made the move to the New England in 1963. Roger returned to the district in 1996 with his wife Geralyn and their two children. They purchased Myola at Black Mountain and have been breeding Angus cattle for the past 28 years. The foundation of their herd is built on Hazeldean blood Angus heifers from Witacoola Pastoral Company Mullaley and 50 Angus heifers from Sam White at Bald Blair Angus.

Our commercial goal is to produce high-performance weaners with high growth rates and good IMF. We took part in the Angus Benchmarking Program Cohorts 1, 2, and 3 in which the Bridgewater steers were among the top performers. We now run a herd of 250 commercial cows and 250 HBR and APR registered stud cows. Our stud cows are founded on the purchase of 44 cows from the Wattletop Dispersal Sale in 2017 and 2018 and 19 cows from the Ayrvale Angus Dispersal Sale at Ballarat. We carefully source genetics from Australia, New Zealand and the US which are used extensively in our AI program each year. These selections have helped us establish a solid foundation for our breeding herd as it is today.

Our goal is to provide our clients with access to genetics that improve the overall efficiency of their herd. Bridgewater Angus is all about efficiency, profitability and sustainability. We at Bridgewater aim to breed you a bull that ticks all the boxes in structure, calving ease, growth, carcass quality and temperament with all these traits on the right hand side of the graph with the exception of mature cow weight. Higher MCW is associated with higher feed and maintenance costs. Genetics play a critical role in how quickly your animals will grow therefore your profitability. To achieve this we believe it’s important you engage with a bull stud that fully embraces Genomics and understands the importance of EBVs.


How we measure up with our average sale bull EBVs compared to other stud breeders is very important to us as it gives us a good guide to the genetic gains in the industry. Our selection pressure to achieve our goals begins with our heifers. Firstly they must pass the test at joining regarding structure and EBVs. Fertility of the herd begins here and any heifer not in calf is culled and sent to the yards and not on-sold to some unsuspecting cattle breeder and back on the merry-go-round. Our goal is to provide our clients with access to genetics that improve the overall efficiency of their herd.


Roger and son James work together as a team in our operation. Both have a great interest in the selection of what genetics are used each year in the stud. They go pretty hard when it comes to selecting what females are retained in the herd and what bulls actually make it to the Sale ring. James’s other passion is farming, so Roger has stepped back and lets James do what he enjoys most which is planting and renovating the pastures on Myola. Geralyn is responsible for the record keeping and ensuring that all the data for the Angus Society is collected and sent through as required.


Station Manager
James Flower 0448 816 778

Stud Manager
Roger Flower 0407 958 224

Geralyn Flower 0409 225 746


Sale Day
July 26th 2024

278 Toms Gully Road, Black Mountain
2365 NSW


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